Thursday, August 30, 2012


Ever heard of the saying "Leaders are born, not made"? Now everyone has different opinions behind what makes a good leader. As much as equality and the opinions of lesser folks concerns us, INEQUALITY DOES EXIST, some people are naturally better than others at certain things. Fishes are made to live in the sea and humans on land.  If you are born with certain traits, the ambition, desire, a strong ability to make effective and critical decisions, you are one in a million. Honing these inherited traits will naturally put you in a position of leadership.

What is the definition of leadership? Leadership is a process by which an individual utilizes his skills to influence others in order to accomplish an objective goal and directs a group or organization in a manner that is more concise, coherent and cohesive. Leadership, is not for everyone! but people can learn how to be leaders.

People who are leaders are constantly developing their skills and seeking to improve themselves, they are on a never ending process to achieve a successful outcome. They posses the ability to process information at lightning speed and accurately develop judgements that would benefit the desired goal. To be a leader is to be critical and to be critical is to know that everyone is inherently imperfect, therefore as leaders they try their utmost best to fix their shortcomings and problems before they address the needs of those surrounding them, in other words they are self-aware. Leaders are able to understand that problems exist everywhere within their sphere and that not all can be solved, however with the right amount of knowledge and action they can put their skills to good use.

The key to leading is 'EFECTIVENESS'. Being a leader requires followers. Effective leading does not come easy, one cannot consider himself a good leader unless people actually obey. Therefore communication is a vital key in marshalling followers. Communication is a two way thing and requires the cooperation of both sides, it is the fundamental pre requisite to leading. Communicating coherently in a organisation or a group is crucial to the outcome of a goal, a good leader must be able to effectively reach out to his/her follower through verbal or/and non-verbal means meaning - making a stance. Fostering good relations with your followers and letting them know that you are in charge are good ways to start. Born leaders, naturally have a sense of aura around them that communicates confidence and great power. This may naturally put off certain groups of people but it is essential for a good leader to know how to deal with different groups and adjust accordingly to their preferences of leadership. If you are able to win the understanding and trust of your followers, just like how political leaders do, you are most likely to be successful in your leadership.

The next important trait of effective leadership is planning and adapting. Effective leaders are constantly churning out ideas and goals in their heads, their busy minds are on a never ending quest to gather information and utilize them into plans and goals. These leaders are natural masterminds, seeking to create strategies and weighing them against the current situation. A solution for one problem may not always be the best for the next problem, therefore it is vital that different plans and strategies are created in the event that things don't work out, this is where planning and adaptation comes into play. Using our incredible powers of judgement and skills, effective leaders know when Plan A will fail and when Plan B should be implemented.


Monday, August 27, 2012

Discipline in the army & Full Metal Jacket.

The core of a good soldier is discipline, discpline, in all its forms, moral, physical and mental.  The American army derives it's strength and reputation through their soldier's strong sense of discipline and patriotism. Full Metal Jacket, encompasses the essence of the American army and reveals how discipline is used by them to achieve their purpose in Vietnam.

Normal citizens enlist into the army as boys, learning lessons such as punctuality, tardiness and respect. Such lessons thou trivial it may seem, are actually what discipline is all about. With these lessons, these men are able to be commanded and unleash their full potential as the training they are put through makes them competent and ready for the challenges of military warfare and life.

Discipline is also knowing right from wrong. In the army it is shown that right, is fighting for your country and fighting for your people therefore what you are doing is the good thing and that your fight is the good fight. It is very important to know that you are fighting for your country and that you have the discipline to stay focused and constantly be aware that you are doing this for the greater good of your country. This is seen through the Viet Cong's battle with the Americans, both side maintained military discipline by carrying on their duties to fight for their country. However because of the lack of discipline displayed by several American troops, with their engagement in prostitution and their over confidence, they eventually lost the battle against the Viet Cong.

Ultimately we must give credit for the discipline showcased by the Viet Cong, despite being outnumbered and far less militarily equipped than the Americans. Their strict discipline and jungle guerilla warfare eventually led to their triumph over America in the Vietnam War. Young, disciplined and focused fighters like the girl from the last scene were able to take on fully grown veteran fighters and despite her inevitable doom, she remained stoic and patriotic towards her death. That there is true discipline, and what we should inculcate in all of our soliders.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fresh Start

Holy Crap, finally settled on a temporary blog skin. I've spent about an hour searching for a decent template,  everything on google does not suit my taste.

I'll kick start my first post with a list of things that needs to be done from the top of my head.  

1.) Get started on '4hour Body Guide' diet programme. 
2.) Finish designing my sales advertising posters
3.) Get posters printed
4.) Install my new mirrors and photo frames
5.) Grocery Shopping
6.) Send out emails to Miss Hutt
7.) Get a hair cut
8.) Clean shave
9.) Shopping for clothes
10.) Finish reading a book
11.) Paint the house

That's pretty much all that I can come up with for now. I need a new start, I need to sort out my life and manage my duties. I HAVE NO MORE TIME TO WASTE. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

believe it or not this is how i learnt to draw female bodies

Sunday, August 12, 2012

my baby :)

The LDR Challenge Now, here’s my shot on the LDR challenge. I’ve actually finished writing this a month ago but I’m seriously having second thoughts on posting this because apparently, another side of me would be made known to whoever discovers. Not all close friends know about it, and unless they are reading this post, they probably will never know. I decided to publish this because these are honest-to-goodness feelings, and I let myself feel the good feelings too. Why repress the good feelings when there’s full of positive, upbeat energy in it? Just as our folks would always say, “if you feel it, own it. If it’s good, then enjoy it”. Challenge #1: Your name and his name: HIM: SCM ME: MMM Challenge #2: Your ages: HIM: 20s ME: 30s (ouch!) Challenge #3: Your locations: HIM: Singapore ME: Manila Challenge #4: How did you meet? His mum was introduced to me by my friend when we went to Singapore for a holiday trip. Then his mum introduced me to him. Of course the first meeting wasn’t really striking. Everyone was busy back then. We were unpacking our luggage while he was playing computer games. Probably our first conversation was when I asked him to load apps and music into my iPod. Challenge #5: Since when have you been together? Uhm, there’s no exact date, to be honest. It started when he confessed his feelings for me through a letter, i was already attracted to him long before he told me the feeling was mutual. Then I guess everything instantly went uphill from their – deep friendship and eventually, agreed to be exclusive with each other. One time in October 2011, we were talking on Skype and it kept disconnecting because of my shitty Internet and he exclaimed for the first time, “why must it be so hard to just talk to my GF?” and I was like, hmm, that’s sweet. Thinking about it makes me feel giddy until now. But yeah, we’ve been in love since last year and have been together since February of this year. Challenge #6: What is the most random thing you know about him? He is a Harry Potter fan boy. He knows a lot about computers and everything that’s in it. He loves movies and music, particularly indie and a few good popular stuff. He writes down his thoughts really well although i think most of them are melancholy. At his age, his sense of priorities and dispositions are highly impressive; very organized and classified. He is very independent and smart. He despises it when he explains to me something and when I don’t get it at once; he’d go like “never mind!” because he doesn’t like repeating things to me haha! Challenge #7: How do you communicate with each other? Mostly Viber, when we’re not together. Messenger and Skype are other alternate means to communicate with him. Challenge #8: Favourite thing you’ve given him? I gave him a Bulgari Perfume, which is my favorite scent. Challenge #9: Favourite thing he has given you? He gave me an iPhone fridge magnet which he purchased online. Challenge #10: Favourite thing about him? He always hugs and kisses me in the most random ways. He constantly tells me he loves me. I like it when he mumbles those 3 words and I just know what he’s telling me :) Challenge #11: Pick on thing/moment you miss and describe it in detail: Whenever I wake up in the morning I always make sure that I give him a kiss in the cheeks or lips. It wakes him up, and then he wears a smile on his face even if he’s still very sleepy. I feel his sincerity and love every time he kisses me back. Challenge #12: How would you define love? - Love can be about anything really, it’s just what you feel, and probably an instinct i guess? Love is something which will always wait, no matter the situation might be. if the love is real… it will be proven with time, as all things are. Challenge #13: What do you think is the hardest thing about distance? A quote says that “The hardest thing about distance is you don’t know if he’ll miss you or he’ll forget you”. For me, the hardest thing about distance is not being able to express each other’s feelings in a physical way. Insecurities could build up. You only get to hear your partner’s voice and the sad thing is that, this soft longing sound cannot be complemented with physical touch. At times when you feel you’re at your lowest and the only person who can lift you up is the person closest to you – your boyfriend who is your best friend at the same time. Challenge #14: Describe a moment you had with him/her last time you were together. (If you haven’t met, describe how the perfect moment would be) His last few nights here in Manila were just as perfect. I had to literally escape from work just to be with him. He said he was extremely happy because he knew I always make time for him and I take care of him in so many ways. We did all things that we could - eat, movies, small talks in the terrace, cuddle, kiss, hug, and sleep. AUG 10 Challenge #15: Favorite love (LDR or not) song? He was the one who thought of this song, You and Me (by Wannadies). AUG 10 Challenge #16: Favorite love (LDR or not) movie? We haven’t thought about it. Challenge #17: Favorite love (LDR or not) quote? We haven’t thought about it. AUG 10 Challenge #18: Post a picture of the two of you together. AUG 10 Challenge #19: I know there’s not one thing, but choose one of your favorite things to hear her/him say. - didn’t even have to think about this one. My favorite thing to hear him say is just 4 words. I love you baby! (yay! so mushy!) Challenge #20: Is there something you regret? (either about the relationship or something you have done) – I do not regret having this wide age gap with him because it wouldn’t make any difference if we are of the same age. I only regret that I’m not able to explain to everyone close to me how much I love him and how much I’d like to take care of him. Maybe because there’re lots of complications between us and everyone might not be able to understand this. Challenge #21: Give us a little insight (as much as you’re comfortable) on your sex life – Well, these odd details are definitely really sexy. Challenge #22: Share something cute. (A story, something either of you have done, a song, memory, wish, dream). – All the many firsts that we did were all fantastic. He sings songs even when we’re just cuddling or snuggling in bed. He cringes when I force him to dance with me. Our small talks at the terrace after meal. He always holds my hand wherever and whenever. Everything big and small, everything is memorable. Challenge #23: Do you have a song? Which one is it? (If you don’t, then what is something that always reminds you of him/her)? I told him this before, he always reminds me of the song Heart by Stars and For You by Angus and Julia Stone. It is because these are the songs when I started falling for him. Challenge #24: Describe him/her physically and emotionally/personality-wise. – He is tall, dark and handsome. I swear, haha! He is smart and particularly intelligent. He is very patient with me whenever I am not in my best mood. Challenge #25: One thing that he/she does that pisses you off ?- I guess it would have to be when he makes fun of me; i know he’s clearly joking but being the moody person that i am, he continues to annoy me. On the hindsight thou, It makes me smile and laugh whenever he does it cos I know he makes a lot of effort to entertain me in a very childish way but still I pout and get a puppy dog look on my face when he teases and laughs at me. Though, his little chuckle and “I’m sorry” will get me every time. Challenge #26: Sweetest thing he/she has done for you He sent me a long letter explaining how much I meant to him. Not all guys can be as expressive as him but to me, that’s ultimately sweet and genuine. There were lots actually. He would cook for me when I come home from work, he would massage my head when I’m having migraine attacks. He would sing me songs whenever I ask him to. He would dance with me. Everything he does to me is sweet and magical. Challenge #27: If you had the money/time/connections/whatever to get him/her any gift in the world, what would it be? (ANY) gift? I’d buy him a jet plane so he could come and see me anytime he wants to. :) Challenge #28: If you could have him/her with you physically for the next 5 hours, what would you do? – Eat our favorite food, watch good movies, cuddle in bed and just be in love. Being sexy in every sense of the word actually sounds fantastic right now. Challenge #29: When will you see her/him next? This November. Challenge #30: Where do you see your future going with him/her? It’s still a blur. I don’t know what the future holds but I’m hoping he’s in it.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

What does it feel like to be isolated from the rest of everyone? To not be able to pick up on the social norms at a normal pace? It's difficult to constantly be trying to make a concious effort to understand situations and people. Adapting to what is required and what is demanded from you in society can be quite a challenge, especially when you're an INTJ.

In my case for example, I find it extremely difficult to focus my attention on another person's feelings or intentions when I'm pondering over a particular theory, thought or idea. I just can't be bothered, well maybe difficult isn't the right word, more like it's incredibly taxing and demanding? I can't deal with both at the same time.

Friday, October 7, 2011

-Does it feel right? Is there any feeling of threat or opportunity? Does it mesh with how I see myself and the world? Do I need to change how I think about these things? Ni.

-Is it practical? Will it work? What are the costs and benefits? How will other commitments and plans be affected? Te

-Does it give me a gut level sense of discomfort or satisfaction? How will it affect other things that I value? Fi

-Is it going to be fun? What things will I be doing? Will I get immediate satisfaction, or will I be bored? Se